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ʴդ ͧ

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1. ѧմӡѴ Unlimited Power

2. ءѡ˭㹵Ǥس Awaken the Giant Within

3. 稡Ѻ Giant Step

4. ¨ҡ͹ Note from a Friend

ҡء¨ .. ҧ˹ ҹ çѧҡ 4 ¨ҡ͹

ҵ͹ҹ˹ѧ͵ҧҧ˹˹ҧ ͧ件ҴٹШ

Ңѹ¹е㨾Ѳҵͧ ءҧѹ Թ͡!

.. 1 2 3 !



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